Our Mission

We develop you to develop the world.

Our Vision

We aim to educate 10,000 Afghans to meet international academic requirements and coach them to turn their ideas into startups using a laptop.

Life Management

This course is something you should not miss then. Good life management ensures that every aspect of your life grows as it should. Read More


Take your business Idea to the next stage and start the implementation process with this awesome course. Read More

Being an artist, I know that we need to join such sessions to develop ourselves further.

Arash Barez – Musician

You’ll definitely develop if you act on Mr. Qatae’s guidelines and tips.

Mr. Qoqandi – Former spokesman at Ministry of Industry and Commerce

I’m super proud of our dear brother, Wahab Qatae. His speeches are life changing

International Champion & Athlete
Unlock The Power Short Documentary
Arash barez | boye baran | Unlock The Power
اعتماد به نفس | باورمندی به ساختن وطن | ببین
Wahab Qatae on Action – 12th Startup Grind in Kabul